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Few Brave users take advantage of the browser’s crypto-currency features, says CEO

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Although they enjoy a large user base, Brave users do not seem to be taking advantage of the browser’s features in terms of tokens and crypto-currencies.

During a live Twitter broadcast on May 5, the CEO of the large cryptoexchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, spoke with Brendan Eich, the CEO and co-founder of Brave. Eich said his crypto-currency-enabled web browser reached 13.8 million active users per month by the end of April, which Zhao said:

„That’s probably the most active base of crypto users, to be honest.“

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Even so, Eich admitted that most don’t really use their built-in cryptomonal features. He said the number of users who choose to join the crypto-based Brave Rewards system that had their wallets active in the last 30 days is 1.7 million, about 12.32 percent of the total users.

Brave blocks traditional ad tracking
Eich explained that when a user surfs the Internet, network activity Bitcoin Storm, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Loophole, Crypto Investor, Bitcoin Circuit is measured and tracked, and all data is used to target ads to that individual. He explained how the system works from the advertiser’s point of view:

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„People in advertising – who work for the brands that make the products, goods and services we buy – will spend a lot of money to try to get you to buy their goods. So they throw money into this digital advertising system, and some of it makes you watch an ad or tracks you so they can decide which ad to show you, but at the end of the day you don’t get any of that money, all you get is the ads and the tracking.“

Eich explained that the Brave browser blocks traditional advertising and tracking, and instead allows the user to choose to participate in a „clean“ advertising and donation model that is private by default.

The browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) is intended to be a user service account unit that can be used to support content creators and reward users who view ads.

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Since many Brave users are new to the world of cryptology, Eich explained that the company is trying to incorporate users by giving them free tokens in exchange for their activity in the Brave Rewards program. This allows users to participate in the system and earn tokens that they can automatically donate to the creators or set up monthly contributions, as in the case of Patreon. Continued:

„When we first launched [Brave Browser] for the desktop, it was 40% of the desktop browser fee and as we added the mobile browser we found that people were less willing to use it, but we’re working to make it more attractive to use by making it more convenient, making it more rewarding to the user.“