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BMW and Blockchain project Oasis work on new concept

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BMW and Blockchain project Oasis work on new concept for data protection

In the cooperation between car manufacturer and Blockchain project a new method for internal data protection is to be tested.

Oasis Labs, a company closely associated with Bitcoin Future the Oasis block chain project, has announced that it is working with the BMW Group on a new data protection project.

According to an announcement made on Wednesday, the two companies will work together to develop a new method for processing data that will clearly define what data can be accessed and how.

Oasis calls this new approach differentiated data protection

This is to ensure that large amounts of data cannot be manipulated in such a way that individual data can be derived from it. As an example: If for a data set both the average value and the number of persons considered are known, when adding another value, conclusions can be drawn about the corresponding individual through the resulting change in the average value.

The Oasis solution therefore changes the individual entries to make the underlying data set opaque. As the company writes, any database that uses basic mathematical functions such as absolute value, random numbers and natural logarithms can use the new data protection solution.

As part of the cooperation with BMW, the data protection solution is to be used within the company. Although the cooperation is still in an early phase, it is intended to test the concept of differentiated data protection for the internal IT system of the BMW Group. This would guarantee the highest possible level of data protection for both the internal teams and partners of the car manufacturer when exchanging information. However, the project is not based on the block chain of Oasis.