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MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Bet Over het overtreffen van 1 miljard dollar

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Het Amerikaanse business intelligence bedrijf MicroStrategy wil tot 460 miljoen dollar ophalen om meer bitcoin (BTC) te kopen, wat de waarde van zijn BTC-voorraad zou verhogen tot meer dan 1 miljard dollar (tegen de huidige prijzen).

Maandag kondigde het bedrijf aan dat het van plan is om in 2025 in een onderhandse aanbieding aan gekwalificeerde institutionele kopers een totale hoofdsom van 400m USD aan converteerbare seniorbons aan te bieden. Bovendien zouden de eerste kopers een optie kunnen hebben om tot een bijkomende totale hoofdsom van 60m USD van de obligaties te kopen.

„MicroStrategy is van plan om de netto-opbrengst van de verkoop van de obligaties te investeren in bitcoin in overeenstemming met zijn Treasury Reserve Policy in afwachting van de identificatie van de behoefte aan werkkapitaal en andere algemene bedrijfsdoeleinden,“ zei het bedrijf, en voegde eraan toe dat de obligaties zullen worden geconverteerd in contanten, aandelen van MicroStrategy’s klasse A gewone aandelen, of een combinatie van contanten en aandelen.

Zoals gemeld, zei het bedrijf in augustus van dit jaar dat ze BTC erkenden als een legitiem beleggingsobject dat superieur kan zijn aan contant geld en maakte het zo van BTC de belangrijkste participatie in zijn thesauriereservestrategie.

Hun beslissing om in Bitcoin Future te investeren werd deels ingegeven door macrofactoren zoals de economische en volksgezondheidscrisis die door COVID-19 werd neergeslagen, ongekende financiële stimuleringsmaatregelen van de overheid, waaronder kwantitatieve versoepeling in de hele wereld, en wereldwijde politieke en economische onzekerheid.

Sindsdien heeft het bedrijf ongeveer 40.824 BTC (783 miljoen USD) overgenomen. Ondertussen onthulde Michael Saylor, CEO van MicroStrategy, in oktober dat hij ongeveer 175 miljoen dollar heeft uitgegeven aan zijn persoonlijke BTC-voorraad.

De aandelen van MicroStrategy zijn gestegen sinds de aankoop van BTC.

„Op welk moment maakt een effectenaanbod dat dollars opbrengt met als doel te investeren in Bitcoin, van een beursgenoteerd bedrijf een beursgenoteerd fonds/beleggingsbedrijf? Gabor Gurbacs, Digital Asset Strategist en directeur bij VanEck, Amerikaans hoofdkwartier van grote Amerikaanse vermogensbeheerders, reageerde.

Op pixeltijd (03:52 UTC) handelt BTC tegen USD 19.185 en is bijna onveranderd in één dag. De koers daalde met 2% in een week, waardoor de maandelijkse winst daalde tot 28%. In een jaar tijd steeg de koers met 155%.

Elrond rises 20% in 24 hours, after tripling in December – can the rise continue?

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Elrond is quietly becoming one of the best-performing altcoins on the current bullish market.

Elrond rises 20% in 24 hours after tripling in December – the bullishness may continue?PRICE ANALYSIS


With Bitcoin (BTC) largely in the spotlight, after reaching a new historical record of almost US$24,000, other projects are also beginning to ride the BTC wave. One of the latest highlights is Elrond (EGLD), which has risen 20% in the last 24 hours and is approaching its highest point.

The current highs above $27 are an increase of over 200% in December and over 1,500% year-to-date, marking an extremely optimistic year for this project.

Elrond becomes the ninth cryptomoedas project on the eToroX list
Elrond’s recent execution is not only based on technical data, as the self-proclaimed „internet-sized blockchain“ has been listed on eToroX as the ninth cryptomeda. Only large currencies are listed on this exchange, but Elrond became the first exception.

Elrond originally started as an initial Binance Launchpad exchange offer, which took place in July 2019. Since then, the project has undergone some significant changes. One of these changes was the mainnet exchange, as the ERD token became EGLD in the summer. This change occurred during the mainnet launch.

In addition, a new decentralised financial application using the Elrond blockchain is due to be launched next year. The application is called Maiar, a non-custodial digital wallet and global payments application for exchanging and storing money.

EGLD approaches new historical maximum resistance

Daily EGLD / USD chart. Source: TradingView
Elrond’s daily chart against the USD has shown a significant recovery since its recent low of $6 to $27. The price is currently hovering around the historic high and will likely break it.

However, traders should be aware that the vertical price action is likely to descend for some support tests before a new wave of momentum can begin.

These support zones are clearly defined on the chart and should be observed by traders looking for potential entry opportunities.

In this chart, support zones are found in US$12.50 to US$13.50, US$16 to US$17 and US$19.50 to US$20.50. The main question is still the depth of the correction and at what level it will begin.

Once Elrond breaks the historical record, there are likely to be more advantages to this project. Meanwhile, the Fibonacci extension tool can help define possible higher levels for the next boost waves.

Using the Fibonacci extension tool, zones can be found at US$40 to US$42 and US$60 to US$65, which would put this token at the top of the 2020 best performance list.

BTC slowly waking up next to the US dollar

Daily EGLD/BTC chart. Source: TradingView
The Elrond BTC pair is showing a clear background construction forming in recent months. Elrond’s price has fallen slowly, creating a huge upward divergence, which has marked the bottom.

Since then, a small, higher minimum has been reached, starting the break-up upwards. This breakout took the race to 0.001300 sats, which is currently the temporary top. However, this breakout has led to a new higher maximum and after each higher high, the market will seek a new higher minimum.

This higher low will confirm the ongoing uptrend, and traders should watch out for support zones around the 0.000750 sats or 0.000850 sats areas.

If they hold and Elrond can break the 0.001300 sats barrier, another step of up to 0.002500 sats will become very likely.

Overall, a digital token like Elrond is showing the opportunities that rising markets can bring. At the moment, the focus is mainly on Bitcoin. However, once the price of Bitcoin begins to stabilise, the altcoins usually begin to recover – and often outperform the BTC in the short term. In this light, Elrond looks set to become one of the best-performing cryptomites by the close of 2020.

Bitcoin is officially in a full-blown bull run – and much more bullish than 2017

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Bitcoin is now being traded well over $ 20,000 – and will in all probability never fall below five-digit values ​​again. And while the clean break above $ 20,000 is proof enough that we are in a massive bull run, the so-called Relative Strength Index broke into bull territory for the first time since 2018.

If you compare past crypto market cycles, Bitcoin System is already much more bullish this time than it was back in 2017. This rally brought the crypto asset from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000.

And if things are already so bullish, could this peak be even higher than the course of the past cycle would suggest?

Beast mode: Relative strength index reaches bull market level

Today is December 17, 2020 – three full years after Bitcoin peaked in 2017 after it became known. This year alone, the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization jumped from $ 1,000 to over $ 20,000.

It is only fitting that on the anniversary of the previous high, Bitcoin price broke the $ 20,000 mark to set a new record. And as if that signal wasn’t enough to let the world know that another bull run has begun, the asset’s Relative Strength Index is another key indicator that something magical is ahead of us.

For the first time since the bear market began, the monthly RSI is well in the bull territory. In the past cycles in the graphic below, each check mark highlights where this milestone condition was met.

The cryptocurrency is almost at one point compared to the last cycle that resulted in one of the first and only red monthly candle closings. That took place in December 2016.

December is cyclically an important month for the cryptocurrency, which acts as a major pivot point for the price action.

Bitcoin bubbles: current cycle more bullish than last, 6 months ahead

Bitcoin’s „bubble“ cycles are explained with the asset’s unique block reward mechanism and scarce supply. The idea is that, unlike gold and other commodities, Bitcoin will further reduce supply when demand increases.

The gold industry’s attempt to meet this year’s demand by increasing the supply available caused the precious metal to lose momentum. Since there can only be 21 million BTC at a time and its release into the market is controlled by a non-changeable computer code, this process cannot influence prices.

Instead, Bitcoin price rises exponentially – and the asset enters pricing until speculation exceeds utility, the bubble bursts and the cycle begins again.

Closely observing these cryptocurrency market cycles is key to predicting what bitcoin cycles to expect in the future .

The four-year intervals make these cycles reasonably predictable, and almost exactly at the right time, the bull market is back. If the cycle continues to follow the same path as it did last time, the parabolic phase and inconceivable prices are next.

However, there is one thing that worries the bulls and that is the fact that this cycle is actually more bullish than the last. Being significantly more bullish and getting ahead on the market cycle can’t be a bad thing for the cryptocurrency that has just caught the attention of billionaires around the world.

But it also points to the fact that things may be a bit excessive right now compared to the little data that is available. The above chart also shows that Bitcoin could be up to six months further than it was during the previous cycle.

BMW and Blockchain project Oasis work on new concept

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BMW and Blockchain project Oasis work on new concept for data protection

In the cooperation between car manufacturer and Blockchain project a new method for internal data protection is to be tested.

Oasis Labs, a company closely associated with Bitcoin Future the Oasis block chain project, has announced that it is working with the BMW Group on a new data protection project.

According to an announcement made on Wednesday, the two companies will work together to develop a new method for processing data that will clearly define what data can be accessed and how.

Oasis calls this new approach differentiated data protection

This is to ensure that large amounts of data cannot be manipulated in such a way that individual data can be derived from it. As an example: If for a data set both the average value and the number of persons considered are known, when adding another value, conclusions can be drawn about the corresponding individual through the resulting change in the average value.

The Oasis solution therefore changes the individual entries to make the underlying data set opaque. As the company writes, any database that uses basic mathematical functions such as absolute value, random numbers and natural logarithms can use the new data protection solution.

As part of the cooperation with BMW, the data protection solution is to be used within the company. Although the cooperation is still in an early phase, it is intended to test the concept of differentiated data protection for the internal IT system of the BMW Group. This would guarantee the highest possible level of data protection for both the internal teams and partners of the car manufacturer when exchanging information. However, the project is not based on the block chain of Oasis.

Bitcoin Exchange Backed by Pomp, Song and Woo Remove Trading Fees to Contend With Coinbase, Gemini

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Upstart crypto exchange LVL quer assumir os gigantes americanos Coinbase e Gemini, removendo as taxas comerciais.

Anunciado hoje, o LVL (pronunciado „nível“, como em campo de jogo) está tornando todo o seu serviço livre para uso. LVL, que é apoiada por Anthony Pompliano e Bitcoin da Morgan Creek Digital (BTC, -1,08%) defende Jimmy Song e Willy Woo, anteriormente não tinha taxas de negociação, mas apenas para usuários de assinatura.

LVL também está fazendo parceria com a Mastercard para lançar dois cartões de débito no início de 2021. Um cartão de débito plástico padrão estará disponível aos usuários gratuitos por uma taxa de emissão de $10, enquanto um Mastercard metálico está incluído com três meses de serviço Premium do LVL.
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As novas características vêm como bitcoin está atingindo os máximos de todos os tempos.

„Sempre estivemos por trás de um paywall de assinatura, mas agora estamos apenas tornando todo nosso serviço livre para uso“, disse Chris Slaughter, CEO da LVL. „Você pode comprar e vender bitcoin, você pode usar o cartão de débito plástico. Portanto, agora na América do Norte, há uma troca regulada que é 100% livre de uso“.

O argumento da LVL é que grandes bolsas americanas como Coinbase e Gemini com esquemas de preços notavelmente semelhantes criam uma falta de concorrência. Se for preciso um minnow com apenas US$ 2,5 milhões arrecadados até o momento para interromper os efeitos monopolistas dessas trocas criptográficas, disse Slaughter, então, faça com que isso aconteça.

„Somos um super lutador de negócios por natureza“, disse Slaughugh. „Tipo, temos apenas sete pessoas, mas temos a primeira aprovação do Mastercard na América do Norte. Estamos registrados no FinCEN. E não temos apenas contas bancárias, elas são contas correntes completas“. (LVL também fornece seguro FDIC nessas contas através da plataforma bancária Evolve, disse Slaughter).

Modelo de receita

A troca faz seu dinheiro, explicou Slaughter, cobrando $3 por saques, que cobre principalmente as taxas de rede. (A Coinbase cobra uma taxa de rede de $1-$5.) A plataforma de negociação também cobra $5 por transferências bancárias e telegramas no mesmo dia, o que cobre o crédito de provisionamento de risco da bolsa para os usuários e gera alguma renda para LVL, disse Slaughter.

O serviço premium a $9 por mês, que também inclui a facilidade de conversação ao vivo com um banqueiro, é o meio pelo qual o LVL Autopilot traz liquidez para a plataforma. O sistema executa algoritmos padrão do mercado, fornecendo liquidez aos comerciantes e gerando renda passiva para o usuário do Autopilot, diz Slaughter.

„Com base em nosso número atual de usuários profissionais, e na forma como esperamos que a liquidez cresça após este anúncio, esperamos passar a liquidez da Coinbase dentro da faixa de 2% em janeiro“, disse Slaughter.

Por enquanto, a LVL está disponível em 28 estados e territórios representando 60% da população dos EUA, e espera-se que sirva 94% dos americanos até o final de 2021, disse Slaughter.

„William [Woo] e Jimmy [Song] estiveram envolvidos tão precocemente que na verdade têm ações fundadoras“, disse Slaughter. „Pomp se envolveu no segundo semestre do ano passado e temos reuniões semanais regulares com ele para falar sobre marketing“.

Song disse que o objetivo é até mesmo o campo de jogo para os usuários que atualmente estão sendo escalados por taxas.

„O nível é uma troca revolucionária que vai mudar o jogo“, disse Song via e-mail. „A troca ilimitada permite inovações realmente interessantes como a criação de um mercado de piloto automático que dará aos usuários um retorno sobre sua Bitcoin“.